Pass The Test II  0

In the previous article, we began
to examine how God had miraculously
delivered His people from slavery
in Egypt.

However, after they left, Pharaoh and
his armies went in pursuit. As they
got close to Moses and the Israelites,
the people began to panic, and God

– The pillar of God stood between
both parties all night. It was fire
on the side of the Israelites to
give illumination and heat, but it
was cloud and darkness on the side
of the Egyptians

– The waters of the Red Sea parted
and formed two solid walls on
either side

– The sea bed was raised to the
level of the banks, think about
it, the sea was deep enough to
drown men sitting on horses.
If God had not raised the sea
bed, the Israelites would have
fallen to their death

– The ground was dry, not muddy
or squishy, but dry! You and I
know that if you dam a river at
one point, the area you cut off
is boggy and muddy.
Can you imagine how difficult
it would have been to get,
Bible Scholars estimate
approximately 2 million people
and all their animals and stuff
across a muddy expanse?

– as daybreak approached, God
removed the wheels on the chariots
of Pharaoh’s army to delay them as
they pursued the Israelites into
the Red Sea

– God drowned Pharaoh, his entire
army, all their horses and chariots.
No wonder Moses had said earlier
that the Egyptians you see today,
you shall see them no more forever!

– God destroyed the entire army,
there was no one left. If He had
not done this, the Egyptians would
have been a constant thorn in the
flesh all the time the Israelites
were on their way to the promised

We serve a God, Who is into the
He is an extremely intelligent
being, He covers all the bases
and leaves nothing to chance.

Pass The Test  0

Then Moses led Israel onward from
the Red Sea and they went into the
Wilderness of Shur; they went three
days [thirty-three miles] in the
wilderness and found no water.

23 When they came to Marah, they
could not drink its waters for they
were bitter; therefore it was named
Marah [bitterness].
24 The people murmured against
Moses, saying, What shall we drink?

25 And he cried to the Lord, and the
Lord showed him a tree which he
cast into the waters, and the waters
were made sweet. There [the Lord]
made for them a statute and an
ordinance, and there He proved

26 Saying, If you will diligently
hearken to the voice of the Lord
your God and will do what is right
in His sight, and will listen to and
obey His commandments and
keep all His statutes, I will put
none of the diseases upon you
which I brought upon the Egyptians,
for I am the Lord Who heals you.

27 And they came to Elim, where
there were twelve springs of water
and seventy palm trees; and they
encamped there by the waters.

Exodus 15:22-27

Moses and the Israelites were on the
3rd day of their journey after
crossing the Red Sea, where God had
delivered them from Pharaoh’s pursuit.

This was in addition to all the other
awesome miracles He had performed
in order to deliver them from slavery.

– God had destroyed the economy
of Egypt through the plagues, the
Israelites were leaving with their
wealth – jewels of silver, and
jewels of gold, and raiment
(Exodus. 12:35-36)

– they left Egypt in one night after
430 years

– He healed them all. “Then he led
the Israelites out; they carried
silver and gold, and all of them
were healthy and strong.”

Psalm 105:37

One would think that after such
great victories, the Israelites
would have begun to trust in
God’s ability to take care of

Are we any different? When ever
a new challenge arises, do we
remember how God delivered
us in times past, or do we
begin to fear and murmur?

Are You A Fighter? VII  2

1-2 So here’s what I want you
to do, God helping you: Take
your everyday, ordinary life—
your sleeping, eating,
going-to-work, and
walking-around life—and place
it before God as an offering.
Embracing what God does for
you is the best thing you can
do for him.
Don’t become so well-adjusted
to your culture that you fit
into it without even thinking.
Instead, fix your attention on
God. You’ll be changed from the
inside out. Readily recognize
what he wants from you, and
quickly respond to it.
Unlike the culture around you,
always dragging you down to its
level of immaturity, God brings
the best out of you, develops
well-formed maturity in you.

Romans 12:1-2 MSG

A mind renewed in the Word of
God, constant fellowship with
Him and obedience to His leading,
will change our desires, stabilize
our emotions and sharpen our intellect.
It will also provide the fortitude
to hold on to the Word and fight
it through.

Paul the Apostle at the end of
his life gave this testimony

For I am now ready to be offered,
and the time of my departure is
at hand.
7I have fought a good fight, I
have finished my course, I have
kept the faith:
8Henceforth there is laid up for
me a crown of righteousness, which
the Lord, the righteous judge,
shall give me at that day: and
ot to me only, but unto all them
also that love his appearing.

2 Timothy 4:6-8 KJV

There is an apportioned race for
each of us, you can’t run mine
and get rewards and vice versa.
But the only way to complete
this race is to be a fighter.

We must fight to obtain and
fight to maintain. We say
we’re believing God for a lot
of things but we need to take
inventory, and realistically
examine what we say we believe.

Are we ready to give it all it
takes, or are we secretly wishing
it will just fall into our lap?

There is a prize to pay – Will
you get up and fight?

Are You A Fighter? VI  0

Another way to fight is to

c) Keep Your Flesh Under

24-25You’ve all been to the
stadium and seen the athletes
race. Everyone runs; one wins.
Run to win. All good athletes
train hard. They do it for a
gold medal that tarnishes and
fades. You’re after one that’s
gold eternally.

26-27I don’t know about you,
but I’m running hard for the
finish line. I’m giving it
everything I’ve got. No
sloppy living for me! I’m
staying alert and in top
condition. I’m not going to
get caught napping, telling
everyone else all about it
and then missing out myself.

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 MSG

Part of our warfare involves
constantly keeping our body/flesh
under. What does that mean?
The flesh is a mind that is
unrenewed by the Word of God.

Man is a three part being – a
spirit, possessing a soul, and
living inside a body. The soul
consists of the mind, will,
emotions & intellect. When we
got born again, only the
spirit was changed, the soul
and body remain the same.

It is our responsibility to
present our bodies, to God
as a living sacrifice and
to renew our minds, by His

Hold On  0

“Lord help me be faithful through times of
change, rather than waiting to become
faithful after the change is over”

– Lynn Cowell>

One of the things that is inevitable in life is
change. Life happens and we have to be
flexible enough to adapt while awaiting the
expected result.

I was having a conversation with one of my
children recently, who is believing God for
something, I said “you have to do other
things in the interim while waiting on this
one thing or else when it finally arrives,
you will look back and realize you wasted
that time. You were not productive in
anything else, you just wasted a portion
of your life that you can never regain.

Time has no do overs, yes you can learn
from past mistakes and endeavor to do
better but you can never have that time
back again – it has become history

So keep believing, keep expecting, but
never stop living

Are You A Fighter? V  0

In our fight to obtain, and to
maintain the blessings of God
and to fulfill our purpose we
must also

b) Resist offence

When angry, do not sin; do not
ever let your wrath (your
exasperation, your fury or
indignation) last until the sun
goes down.
27Leave no [such] room or foothold
for the devil [give no opportunity
to him].

Ephesians 4:26-27 AMP

When we yield to offence we actually
make room for the devil to operate
from within our territory.
You endure more collateral damage
in a war when the enemy is fighting
from within your borders.

Offence binds us, forgiveness frees us.

Are You A Fighter? IV  0

3. How to Fight

If you’re going to make it,
you have to be a fighter.
How bad do you want it?

You have to fight to get what
you want; it is not just going
to fall on you like ripe peaches.
You also have to fight to
resist what you don’t want.

How do you fight?

a) Fight with your faith

8-11Keep a cool head. Stay alert.
The devil is poised to pounce,
and would like nothing better than
to catch you napping. Keep your
guard up. You’re not the only ones
plunged into these hard times.
It’s the same with Christians all
over the world. So keep a firm grip
on the faith. The suffering won’t
last forever. It won’t be long
before this generous God who has
great plans for us in Christ—eternal
and glorious plans they are!—will
have you put together and on your
feet for good. He gets the last
word; yes, he does.

1 Peter 5:8-10 MSG

We are the ones to resist the devil,
God is not going to do that for us,
He has given us all we need to
overcome, and will be with us each
step of the way to ensure we win,
but He will not fight for us.

The devil cannot devour just anyone,
he keeps trying looking for a way in.
The best way to fight is to make sure
he has no space within, from which to

Are You A Fighter? III  0

2. What To Fight

This is not a wrestling match against
a human opponent. We are wrestling
with rulers, authorities, the powers
who govern this world of darkness,
and spiritual forces that control
evil in the heavenly world.

Ephesians 6:12 GW

Our fight is not against one another.
It is against the devil, his hosts
and all his weapons [sickness,
disease, fear, confusion, strife,
offense and the flesh (unrenewed
mind that thinks contrary to God)],
to name a few.

The devil is the master of deception,
his favorite trick is to convince
us God is our problem, that He is
the One who put that sickness on
us, or killed our babies.

If a thief tries to break in while
you’re home with your little
children, will you think God
might have sent him, or pray to
find out if it’s God’s will for
you to prevent him from getting
in? Of course not! You’ll do
whatever it takes to defend your
home, and children and to keep the
intruder out.

Our response should be same against
sickness, disease, depression, fear,
oppression, poverty, lack and death.
They are all from the enemy who has
come to steal, kill and destroy.

For Those Whose Mum Has Gone  0

Happy Mother’s Day, to every daughter
whose mum has gone.

Some walked away, others are still
present physically, but the relationship
has changed due to Alzheimer’s or other
such conditions, yet others have left
this stage called earth.

As you watch others celebrate with their
mums this day, it is a painful reminder
of what is missing.

Remember your mum is way deep down within
your heart, the memories are yours to
keep forever.

Reach within the vault of memories, laugh
at the fun times you had, warm yourself
with the love, shed a tear over the sad

The best way to honor your mum’s memory
is to be your best. Be the best you,
you could ever be. Be authentic, seek
for and encourage the good in others.

Nurture, mold and love your children,
keep her memory alive for them, teach
them the good she taught you, share with
them her strengths, her grace, her heart.

Know you are not alone. There are others
who are experiencing the same, reach out
to someone else whose mum has left, and
be there for them.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day full of warm
memories, as you create the same for your
children, for latter years.

Receive His Comfort Today  0

For every woman who desires the fruit
of the womb, but is yet to hold the
manifestation in her hands.

For every woman who has longed for,
and wept sore, and grieved.

For every woman who has miscarried,
or buried a child.

May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the source of every mercy, continually
comfort and strengthen you.

May He bring sweet out of every bitter

May you constantly rejoice in hope,
because of your confidence in Christ.

May you remain steadfast and patient
in distress.

May you be devoted to prayer,
continually seeking and receiving
wisdom, guidance, and strength.

The joy you have in the Lord, is
your strength and stronghold.